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Our Philosophy

In early 2014 our founder Wes Beiko had a dream to change the media production world, he wanted to help small businesses by offering near at-cost marketing & production and to provide an avenue for upcoming actors to get paid work in short films.

When we opened our doors in Okotoks Alberta, in September of 2014, we worked almost exclusively with charities, providing services to them so the majority of their funds went towards helping the most vulnerable around the world. While not financially the best decision, we didn't back down from this core value.

Today every corporate project we do, a portion of those sales goes towards providing free media production for charities or physical donations to those in our community.

Quality over Quantity

We strive to deliver the highest quality work to our clients, we want our clients to succeed. Each project we do we provide a handcrafted solution to suit each businesses unique needs.

Award Winning

Our film work has won 6 International awards and 10's of official selections at festivals. We strive to always create content that is of a quality to receive worldwide recognition.