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Frequently asked questions

Do you accept no budget films, student projects or documentaries?

Yes! On a project by project basis, we may accept and fund indie films and documentaries.

My film has funding, what's the minimum amount we need to work together?

We accept film projects with budgets of over $15K.

Will you manage my social media?

For advertising budgets of less than $30k annually, we offer content creation services (graphics, video, live streams) for you to publish on your own platforms.

For budgets exceeding $30k, we provide comprehensive services including social media management, Google Ads creation, print and mail campaigns, SEO, and much more!

Will you shoot my charity event? Or donate to our auction?

Absolutely! Collaborating with various charities has been a key part of our journey from the start. Making a meaningful charitable impact is at the heart of what we do.

Count on us for auction items, event photography, and video services tailored to your cause.

Do you accept TFP work from models?

Yes! We love collaborating with other creatives.

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